Monday, 11 March 2019

Creative Insights

How does being creative help you? Have you noticed how it can help others? Have you experienced a creative insight or moment of truth? We all have those 'aha' moments when we 'get' something. Sometimes they can be profound and sometimes they can be about everyday things. Either way insights and creativity were a source of inspiration for our writing today.


How can it not help?
Finding me
Tapping into
That something
That nothing
That endless letting oneself
Fall into one`s own

- Pauline


A sinking in
A connection
An Aha! moment
A fitting of the key
Into the lock
Opening out into
A still pool of

- Pauline


As a person who had no work ethic 
I found myself making an effort
Following on from my old English teacher 
Was this simple formula:
           One hours work out of class for one hour in class

I was balancing housework with school work
And I found myself amazed 
By the things I could accomplish
I know now that even with an illness
I can put the effort in
To have the ability to match people who are 'normal'

I will no longer define myself with a label
I will be me, despite people reacting 
With ignorance and fear
Every person on the planet is a human being
With good and bad traits
I will respect others and if they don’t respect me
I will say my goodbyes

We are all together as a species 
Bonded by love and concern
I will love myself in spite of what others say
And I will continue to do my own thing 
Regardless of what other people think.

- M.F.


To write myself right
I sometimes have to be wrong

To be wrong and be saved by a song
To sing is the best of all things

Sometimes I just tune in
And hope I’ve got the frequency right

Sometimes, within the static of someone I’ve wronged
I find my own music

Sometimes the melody of the static song
Is all I have to cling onto

A drowning girl clutches at a musical note
Note to self - adjust the tuning before I turn on my own voice

- M.F.


I make something out of nothing
Take a break from my thinking
Produce something original
Maybe even useful!

It doesn't have to be beautiful
Sometimes I'm not even careful
Other times, pedantic
Those times I'm not so quick.

Sometimes with clay
I will play
Other times cotton or wool
Wrapped around a spool.

Or popsicle sticks
(not ones that I've licked)
Cut and shaped and glued together
Maybe with a piece of leather.

Looking at my finished piece
Will not cause me to cease
Onto the next one and the one after that
There's always something more to have a go at.

Then to exhibit
Hoping others like it
Maybe even sell!
A bit of a head swell.

So nice to think I can make something good
Something that a stranger would
See from afar and want to buy
Gets me on a massive high!

- Christine.


As I learn more about my parents
And their childhood
I learn more about myself
And my childhood.

I can understand their actions
And their words
I can understand my actions
And my words.

It helps make sense of so many things
But it also causes frustration
When I keep acting and thinking the same way
And getting myself to the same place
Over and over and over again.

- Christine


The idol lit up
An erogenous area untouched
That had been tapped
An ego deflated
A part of me
I failed to see
I see now

And I celebrate it

- Dylan Anderson


A pit opened up
My stomach hung
My soul drooped to the carpet
I heard a resonance, a feeling in my heart
Words I threw up
Were heard
And written
A feeling of purgation
My mind
An Ouroboros completed
In negation

- Dylan Anderson


A feeling
Of creation
And is suddenly
With the
All water goes down
As does meaning.

- Dylan Anderson


A feeling
Of creation
And is suddenly
With the
All water goes down
As does meaning.

- Dylan Anderson

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