Monday, 29 April 2019

Leaves Make Headlines

This week we took an Autumnal theme with a twist. Writers were asked to compose a news story involving leaves as the main subject. It could be serious or humorous, and the more serious the more humorous it is likely to be! We had a lot of fun writing and reading each other these quirky stories! 


In breaking news today the leaves are fighting back with people being assaulted by flying leaves. "The leaves are more intelligent than us," says the world's leading botanist. "Think Day of the Triffords."
The leaves are whipping into people's faces and laying traps that cause people to lose their balance and fall.
In further breaking news, the leaves are running for government and given the opinion polls they are going to win by a huge majority.
It looks like the plants will rule the world so people are advised to be careful when doing your gardening.
Signing off, No More News

- M.G.


A 13-year old rider was taken to Oamaru Hospital today but discharged with only minor bruises and scrapes. Amelia Zephyrus was sent flying into a pile of hay bales after her horse Gale Force shied at a blast of autumn leaves. "They were whirling all around us," Ms Zephyrus said. "I couldn't see where we were and then Gale Force shied. I was lucky the hay bales were so close." 
Doctors said that apart from bruising Ms Zephyrus was just winded.

- Karen


It was reported this morning that a leaf was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. The leaf fluttered onto the radar resulting in the captain steering towards an iceberg. The leaf then also stuck onto the ship's clock so the time was all wrong. It took five minutes to sink the ship. The leaf then floated away on the water arriving in New York ahead of the survivors.

- Gail Palmer


This is CBN news reporter Miki Taka. I'm live from the Middle East where top scientists from around the world are gathered to confirm what Bible archaeologist Siqi Diqi from Taiwan believes he has found and that is the two leaves that Adam and Eve used to cover themselves after they ate the forbidden fruit. And I have with me Siqi Diqi. Mr Diqi, is it true that you have the very leaves that Adam and Eve used to cover themselves after the fall described in the book of Genesis?
"Yes that is correct".
Well what proof have you Mr Diqi?
"Well we have located an ancient secret burial cave near the Israeli and Egyptian border." Hieroglyphics expert Professor Motu Naka from the University of Cairo says that after 25 years of trying to break the Genesis coding written on ancient vessels made from olive tree we have finally broken the ancient coding of hieroglyphics.
"In the chamber we also found two fossilised leaves, and the inscription which was written on these vessels say....these leaves are the property of Adam and Eve passed down from generation to generation until they came into our hands after our archeological dig."
Well Mr Siqi Diqi I think that's enough proof for me and I'm sure for the scientific world that they are truly the leaves that our ancestors left behind for us to discover. Well that's all from me in the Middle East, CBN reporter Miki Taka. Goodnight.

- Haki Davis


Mayor David Cull declared winter officially begun yesterday as the last leaf fell from the Octagon trees. The Octagon resounded with applause as the leaf finally fell to the ground observed by a large an enraptured crowd.

Thousands of people had gathered to watch the leaf, waiting patiently for days, some singing songs and dancing around fiery braziers. The Great Fall is an annual event held each year in Dunedin with this year's event filmed live on social media. Millions tuned in from around the world.

Local resident Gail Southerland (9) said she was excited to see the leaf touch the ground as it is considered extremely good luck. "I didn't take my eye off it for 2 hours straight. Last year I looked at my phone and when i looked up it was gone, so I wasn't going to let that happen again."

The full event can be seen in slow motion and continuous loop at www.thegreatfall.dun

- Paul

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