Monday, 3 June 2019

Te Reo Poems

Today te wero, the challenge, was to use te reo Maori in our poetry. We first brainstormed all the words we could think of (which filled two A3 sheets!). We then created a poem in English incorporating some of the Maori words that we had written down - as many or as few as we wanted. Taking it to the next level, we attempted to write a poem entirely in te reo Maori. Some felt whakama/shy about putting their work up here but some great work was produced. Kia kaha!


The kupu of the pukapuka is like kai for the puku
Haere mai, haere mai
Like waiata to the rangi
As tamariki running along the whenua
Etu toa
Become tapu, become mana

- E. T.


The harekeke blew in the wind
Tui's chased korimako as the
waves of Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa relentlessly
crushed the shells to sand.

It was a lonely place
As if its name kept people at bay
- Murdering Beach, now softened
to Whareakeake, where a few
modest cribs live on and on.

Where the birds say -
Whakarongo ki te Tane
Whakarongo ki te moana
Whakarongo ki te Rangi
Whakarongo ki te wairua

The harekeke waved haere raa
As the waves washed our presence
from the sand
But the stories remain in
the shadow of Motutapu

- P.S.

Whakarongo wahine
Tamariki puka puka
Iwi kupu
Tangata aku
Tangata whenua
Tangata papatuanuku
Moana kakariki
Maunga Otepoti
Wahine toa
Hoha ka kite ano

- M.F.

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