Thursday, 21 May 2020

Tuesday Haiku

A small writing group is still a good writing group, as today's post shows. Haiku are short but deceptively difficult to do well. How do you capture the essence of something in just a few words? And did you know that they are designed to be read in one breath? Often the last line contains an element of surprise or juxtaposition. See this link for more on haiku writing and give it a go!

Rain starts to fall
wet hills are now free from drought
sheep will eat long grass

Driver turns the wheel
bus proceeds along the road
Passenger frowns

Pause for photo shoot
Faces and a selfie stick
Visit Dunedin!

black cat with white feet
calling endlessly outside
wants to eat my cheese

black fur touching skin
small cat vibrating gently
warm and friendly pet

-Kate Jenkins

All along the beach
the waves lapped against the shore
coming and going

Wet nose, loving eyes
whole body waggling with joy
so pleased to see me

Dropping from above
nourishing the ground below
seedlings poking through

Writings on paper
drifting, falling, in the breeze
spreading their message

- Christine Philp

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