Monday, 27 July 2020

Invisible Poetry

This week's activity was inspired by a poetry competition run by the Dunedin Public Library. One of the competition categories is 'invisibility'. Three variations on the theme were presented for us to write a poem about: 1. A time when you felt invisible, 2. Having the power of invisibility, and 3. Something you can't see such as air, sound, feelings or thoughts. Most of us managed to complete two of the three. The poems made very thoughtful listening. 


Feeling invisible
Can be painful..

Seen t h r o u g h
And this hurt unseen

Is there a way?
A middle way
To be hurt and held
And safe

Is there a way
To be hurt 
And hold
One's self ?

- Pauline


There are things 
In this world
Only sensed
The perfume
Of the

- Pauline


Hope hangs in the air, unlifted
An invisible flag on an unseeable flagpole
High winds and storms batter at life
Shaking the air into waves and funnels, 
Threshing up doubt, fear and resistance
And within this churning foaming maelstrom
Hope lifts and flies, rampant, moving, fighting

-Kate Jenkins


If I could hear what others say
in the quiet places of their lives
I would cloak my self in invisibility
and not return.
My ears would turn to stone and
no more tell my mind their tale of joy or woe
My mind would burn from too much pain
not seen before, not noticed, & joy not learned
Their eyes I would not face, for fear of seeing
the accusations which would burn there.
Curtail contact, curtail speech, 
feel now embarrassment, shame, alone.

-Kate Jenkins


What is your customer number?
He asked me on the phone
I don't have a number
I reply as I groan.

Why can't you find my name
Hidden in your system?
Don't make me play this game
I beseech and plead with him.

We need to fit you in a box
Within our system framework
He says in a tone that mocks.
What an f''ing jerk!

How else can we do this?
There must be a way
I really do miss
When I was a name!

- Christine Philp


I see me
You see me
The same person
Yet different seeings.

You see hope
And possibilities
I don't.

You see confidence
And abilities
I minimise them.

You see smiles
And laughter
I can, sometimes.

Sometimes I wish
You could see the me I see
But then you wouldn't like me either.

Other times, I wish I could see me
As you see me
And not `yeah but' all the positives you see.

- Christine Philp

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