Monday, 11 January 2021

New Year Resolutions

We all make resolutions and we all fail to keep them. So we decided to mix it up and write a poem that featured both real and imaginary resolutions, that way no-one will be able to hold us to account and it's a bit more fun!



This year I resolve to speak feline
So when my cat verbalises I will be able to cater to his every whim

I resolve to walk more
If my newly understood cat follows me I will be very happy

I resolve to go vegetarian
Self explanatory - good for the pocket, good for the world

I resolve to read every day - oops already broke that one

I resolve to learn a new handicraft - no this time I really do

I resolve to give up smoking
By the way I have a smoke in my hand while I am writing this

I resolve to stop making resolutions I can't keep.

- M.F.


This year will be different
I'm going to be healthy
I'll give up smoking, booze, coffee and sugar
I'll eat five servings of fruit a day
I'll get the house organised
I'll wash all the blankets
I'll dust every day
and mop the floor twice a week
I'll clean the oven
I'll organise my wardrobe by colour
and take the clothes that no longer fit me
to the op shop
I'll save money
Seven thousand to paint the house
Ten thousand for a trip to Ireland
Twelve hundred for new washing machine
and fifteen thousand for a rainy day
Oh, I see it's raining now
I'll just put my feet up
and do a bit of knitting
until it's a better time to start

- Helen


Exploring the possibilities of collecting antiques sometimes has it's problems.

Exploring the possibilities of being a contemporary artist searching for found objects doesn't always pay off.

Exploring the possibilities of being a poet makes me cringe and I dont like it. Yet it maybe the right path to take

Considering that I may be a billion miles away from where I should be, I'll take my chances with one of these, but only if it can draw in a serious fee!

- Haki S Davis


I resolve to never bitch
Or react to every itch
And every slight that I might hear
No matter how far or near.

I resolve to stand up tall
And not to crumble or to fall
When things go wrong, as they do
I will not cry "boo hoo".

I resolve to put away 
All the things with which I play
Creatively I put things down
Never again to be found.

I resolve to ignore
The dribble from a certain jaw
As he declares the vote's a farce
I will imagine him on his arse.

I resolve to not resolve
As annually they do revolve
And come back with sharp teeth to bite
New Year's resolutions - "yeah, right".

- Christine Philp

Last year I nearly got through my New Year Resolutions
I nearly watched a full movie series
I had watched 5 of them but over and over again
Kept away from 2 of the other movies from the series
I had read 5 books from the same series
kept away from 2 of the other books from the series
My New Year Resolutions for This Year
I Hope to finish off what I started Last Year
To Read 2 books from the same series
To Watch 2 movies that are from the same movie series
Cause my biggest fear is reading and watching scary scenes
But once I watch and read the Movies and Books
My New Year Resolutions will be complete 
And My Fear of watching and reading scary scenes will be gone
By Julia Godfrey

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New Year Resolutions

We all make resolutions and we all fail to keep them. So we decided to mix it up and write a poem that featured both real and imaginary reso...