Monday, 31 July 2017

Snow Drop Poems

Today our writing was inspired by snowdrops. Some of us entered a competition run by the Dunedin Public Library and Larnach Castle who are hosting a Snowdrop Day on 20 August. They have heaps of them apparently!

White lies in waiting
the passive ready to be acted on
the show before the first footprints
the page ready for the words
white marks a new beginning
the bride begins a new life
white is the humble snowdrop
that hands its head under its weight
be gentle with white
easily crushed, easily marred, easily spoiled
white does not stay pure long
the page, the dress yellow with age
the snowdrop gives way to the primrose
white is temporary like winter
with applied warmth it buds
once marked it cannot be undone
white can never be a virgin again
once the marriage had begun
the progress is measured by its lessening
the more the lines on the page
the less white shows.
The white stands as background
for the true work.

- Helen


"Hello little snowdrop, I didn't see you there!"
"Hello my giant friend, I couldn't miss you, but most people pass me by as they see me as insignificant."
"Oh dear one, how lonely that must be!"
"No, as you can see I have many other little friends."
"But you are so beautiful; how can those of my kind pass you by?"
"We only come up at the beginning of spring, grown from the snow in winter, when your kind are only watching for the ice, not to slip and fall."
"Well my my, I must inform my own friends of your marvelous beauty."

- Katie-Rose McRobbie

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