Monday, 30 July 2018

Artsenta Jingles

This week we wrote some advertising copy for Artsenta and also for our radio show Artwaves. Naturally there are some basic details to get across but we also wanted to make it memorable and give the listener a flavour of Artsenta. Some are a little theatrical and some quite musical. 

Artsenta needs you!
Wanted! All those seeking
to express their creativity
Artsenta is beckoning!
Come to the reckoning!
Print-making, poetry
Jewellery and singing
All this 'tis bringing
Monday to Friday
462 Princess Street
It's hard to beat
Creative Community
It's a certainty
Improve mental health
That's our wealth!

- Pauline

First person: Creative aren't they!
Second person: Whose creative?
First person: The artists!
Second person: Who are the artists?
First person: The artists from the Artsenta!
Second person:The artists are from the Artsenta and are creative!
First person: Yes they are!
The Artsenta is an art studio situated at 424 Princess Street for anyone using mental health services who are exploring their own creative abilities. It's a place where musicians, poets, painters, weavers, or anyone with a creative flare can make their own uniquely empowered artwork. If you aren't doing anything and think this is for me, then our doors are open Monday-Friday 10am-4.30pm. Just turn up.

- Haki

For the mental health community
For those who think outside the square
For those who hear voices
Don't worry it's only the radio!
And the radio is telling you,
Forget your worries and come to Artsenta
It will make you feel better
With creative art that's good for your heart
Making stories and pictures
And music for listeners
Artsenta, 462 Princes Street
Week days, 9:00am-4:30pm

Artwaves, where everyone behaves
And shares what's in their caves
Art, words and pictures
And music for listeners
Brought to you by Artsenta
Artwaves is every second Wednesday
At 2pm on Otago Access Radio
Say hello to Art-waves
With Art-sent-a
Smell of heaven

Phillip Porteous

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