Monday, 13 August 2018

Hope is in the air

Today we focussed on hope. We started with a brainstorm of what hope means to us. We then took one idea and developed a poem based on that. For our second poem we tried to incorporate as many ideas of hope into it as we could. Can you guess which is which?


Spring has sprung again
Showing her colours
Surprising the long cold
With new life.

- Pauline


Hope springs eternal
Laughter blossoms
Trills musically
Announcing a new day
Create sunshine from within
Fires the immagination
Turning the tide
Toward love
Proffering healing
An invitation
To friendship with

- Pauline


When you hear a baby laugh
it is just like hearing and seeing hope
for the first time for the baby
and yourself because it makes you feel
safe and believe that the baby will live
a sweet, peaceful and happy life
full of laughter.

- Julia


A strong friendship can
eventually blossom into love
when you hang and get to know
your friend more than you ever
know you can gather feelings
for that someone and that
makes you hope that soon
your friendship will soon blossom
into love and spend more time together
and begin a life of friendship, love
and happiness.

- Julia


New ideas for Spring form like babies, a work of God.
In the woodstack small animals play
as I exercise my creativity, not in art or film as others do,
but with pen, trying something new.
I achieve my own art, as imagination,
grasping blossoms and flowers, sunshine and birdsong
links these images with healing and love.
Later, at the beach, the music of waves and laughter of
 friendship brings a new day.



Sunshine is hotter now
no clouds thin the rays of heat and light
                       landing and resting on my face.
Trees have buds, some bursting into flowers of
                       white, deep red, pink, and yellow,
                       small, tiny even, and large;
no rules, just what worked in their original place.

Pigeon balances on a tiny branch, the thinnest twig,
pecking at kowhai buds with an eager beak.
The Winter is passing into hopeful Spring.

- Karen


Duck quacks (don't echo), calling louder, colours brighter
pairing up in the long grass by the gutter, blindly following
across roads and grass, not noticing fences or boundaries,
     oblivious of traffic,      seeking something;
                    dreams of eggs
                                 of chicks
                  the hope of ducks.



A new born baby brings hope,
As they loving touch your hand,
They look into their mum's eyes.
Before they can see,
They look towards their mum's voice,
They recognise their mum and dad's voices.
Nine months journey, this bonding
has been happening.

Babies are so intricately made.
Their tiny wee hands and feet,
Their hair, some with none.

That hew born cry, that could
only come from a newborn.
As those wee chubby tiny hands
learn to hold your fingers.

What a delight they are.
Their dimples, their smiles,
Their cooing and gahing,
That eventually become words.

Precious gifts from God above,
Babies and their joy bring hope!

- Nola


Spring is here!
Blossom on the trees
Sunshine glistening on the water,

Baby animals,
Calves and lambs skipping in the fields

Bring hope of a new day birthed!

- Nola


Never fails
Always prevails
Never defeated
Always the same
Never changes
Always available
Never in a hurry
Always loves
Never hates
Ever present.

Made the sun shine
Teaches the birds to sing
Makes the flowers blossom in Spring
Exercising authority with love
Fires up the imagination
Gives visions in the night
Gives health to new born babies
Encourages creativity
Heals the sick
Creates friendships
God today, yesterday and forever.

- Haki Davis


I have an idea!
It sounds like birdsong.
Music to my ears
As I run along the beach.
Sunshine filling me with love and laughter.
A new day.
A new way.
My goal within reach.
An educated life, from the natural world, informing my every step
As my feet pound down with health and dreams of wealth.
A meal and friendship awaiting my return.
Imagining the warmth of the fire.
Full of life in my heart.
Today I am reborn.

- Lucy

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