Monday, 20 August 2018

I believe in ABCs

Today we challenged ourselves with two writing exercises. The first involved writing a narrative poem using the alphabet, with each line starting with the next letter from A-Z. Sounds tricky but people came up with some great results. The second exercise was to write a poem of 10 lines each starting with the words 'I believe...'. This generated some heartfelt and humorous results. 


Briiiiiiiiing!!!!! Its morning
Every morning
Fling off the covers
Here we go
I know its for the best
Just its soooooooooo warm and snuggly in bed
Kick out my feet
Leap - ha!ha!
Move sloooooowly
Niggle in my back - ouch
Open my eyes - yes they were still closed
Peer out at the day
Quickly stand before I change my mind
Run to the shower - OK plod
Undies whipped off the heated towel rail - broken - no heat
Very annoying
Walk to the door and
'Xit it
You would think by now I would remember to not let my niece play on my phone
Zzzzzzzzzzz back to sleep. It was a false alarm - she'd set the alarm for 3am!!!! Kidzzzzzzzzzz!!!

- Lucy


As I walked, breath came heavy, and the road sloped uphill
Bus sounds drifted down the road, I took a deeper steadying breath
Can I make it on time?  I thought anxiously
Doesn't really matter, I can take the car if I miss it
Eventually I reached the bus stop, and sat panting slightly
For a while the sun shone on me, weakly through cloud
Going up into the bus I greeted the driver
How much to Princes Street? I asked him
It seemed cheap, the same as going to the Octagon
Just a short time later we passed the Gardens, green and starting to flower
Keeping in lane we sailed down George Street
Long looks at my old workplace as we passed
Maybe one day I will work again
Not just yet though
Of those things I would like to do
Part-time work would suffice
Queer how things turn around
Reaching between memory and reality
Some doubts about the past dog my thoughts
Trust myself, my beliefs, or
Undermine confidence with disbelief
Very fragile the place I hold,  my
World can be beautiful, steady, but
X-ray sight opens it up to internal scrutiny
Yet, left alone it stays calm, as my bus
Zig zags thru the Octagon traffic

- Karen


A long time ago
By a castle deep in the forest
Cute Cats lived with a pretty Girl
Daring to find a fun thing to do, she
Eat fish
Got to have some laughs
Joyfully sang
Kicked a soccer ball
Learned to read
Made friends
Needs hugs
Open the window to a nice view
Plant flowers in pots
Quickly paint the walls
Rinse the flowers
Sang to herself
Tickle the cats
Unlocked the doors
Very pretty hair
Works in the castle
Yoddle all day
Zone to a dream

- Julia


All the neighbourhood dogs
Barked loudly
Cos the kids
Down the street
Egged the cars
From the house
Giant it was!
House? More like a mansion
I saw them
Just take off
Kicking the cat
Legging it down the street
Mangling letterboxes
Nuisances all of them
Obstreperous little shits
Police, that's what we need
Quaint that idea
Since they only work 9-5 out here
That's right
Unless it's a murder
Very little help
Will be available
Xerox police - that's what we need
Young handsome ones
Zipping around on skateboards

- Christine


I believe the moon will come up tonight, even if I can only see clouds
I believe spring will lighten my day, with morning flowers and late afternoon sun
I believe a friend on the other side of the world is still my friend
I believe doing nothing isn't a waste of time
I believe creating something is strength,even if someone else draws the pattern
I believe family is security, especially in old age
I believe hearing concordant sounds can soothe
I believe we must nurture ourselves to nurture the world
I believe a joke can be better than silence
I believe nine is as good as ten

- Karen


I believe in things I can't see
I believe in mystery
I believe something's in Loch Ness
I believe we should leave it alone
I believe there's life on other planets
I believe we're wasting money trying to find it
I believe there's lots more to know about our planet
I believe we have to do it quickly
I believe we have to look after each other, cos
I believe we are killing ourselves and our planet.

- Christine

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