Monday, 19 November 2018

Playful Poems

Julia led our creative writing group today, focussing on her favourite poet - AA Milne - famous of course for his Winnie the Poo series, but we learnt a bit more about him and his writing. What Julia loves is his playful, fun take on poems. Poems like 'Binker' where he wrote about his imaginary friend as a child, and 'Sand Between the Toes' where he remembers being at the beach. These poems and his playful style were our inspiration for the day.


Where did you come from?
Where have you gone?
You were there for awhile
But not for long

You were there when I needed
Some comfort and warmth
Someone to be with me
When I was forlornth

Mum often busy
And preoccupied
But you always free
And came to my side

To brothers and sister
A nuisance I was
But you always present
And no reason, just coz!

Thank you for seeing
How much I needed you!
And now you have gone
Left me feeling blue!

It must be
That I don`t need you now
But you will remain with me
And not lose your power.

- Pauline


By the radio I sat
My own programme at nine
How important I felt
It was just sublime!

By the radio it seemed
It was just for me
All else faded away
As I listened with glee!

By the radio there was
My own little world
And I soaked it up
Like a frond unfurled

By the radio most days
I puffed up my chest
Proud of the fact
I was my own special guest!

- Pauline


Toaster was cool
He could do cool stuff
Like ride a motorbike
And race it super fast

He could jump the fence
The car or a truck and trailor
A house would be no trouble
There was no chance of failure

He could fly too of course
A fighter jet or old bi-planes
He'd do the loop-de-loop
Just for a laugh and some fun and games

Now that I'm older
I don't see Toaster so much
We'll always be friends
And I'll try to stay in touch

But he has other kids
Who need him more than me
Kids who need a super duper friend
To set their imagination free

- Paul


We were stuck on a branch, my friend Bandy and me
We couldn't get down from that fairly tall tree
"Let's slide down the leaves and roll onto the grass"
Called Bandy
We did and I landed quite hard on my bottom.

We wandered inside, to where Mum was baking
But I couldn't sit 'cos my bottom was aching
"lie down on the windowsill, look at the view"
so we did, as we ate a biscuit or two

With Bandy I trekked on down to the stream
We poked into corners, where fishes were seen
Bandy jumped rocks, and fell right in the pool
and came up spluttering; silly wet fool

The long meadow waved to us, Bandy & I
the summer was long, and the sun in the sky
We rolled down the bank, leaving tracks all the way
Now summer is ended, Bandy has less to say.

- Karen


"Caravaning" down the Coast
Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle, Joy
And me
Waves, Togs, barbeque
More family visiting still
Tree climbing
Riding the branch like it's a horse
Apple pie served
Singing and Ukulele strumming
"Caravaning" down the Coast
Sun shining relentlessly and strong
"Caravaning" down the Coast
Togs under my zip-up dress
Running back to the caravan awning
To have a break
Mum and Dad resting, now, there
In two matching deck chairs
Sun shining relentlessly and strong
Smiles greeting
"Why don't you take your dress off?"
Mum saying
I can't say I feel fat and awkward
"Caravaning" in holidays
"Caravaning" some holidays
"Caravaning" will be gone
Yet to know this
It's tea in a while

- Natasha

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