Thursday, 1 November 2018


What would it be like to be a statue? Today we find out! The challenge was to imagine you are a statue such as Robbie Burns or Queen Victoria and to write a poem from their point of view - what they see, feel or think. We then went one step further and imagined we were the harbour molars, the controversial teeth sculpture on Portsmouth Drive. An interesting session ensued!


Encased in stillness
Larger than life
Quill in hand
I know I'm in strife
There's so much to see
With my unseeing eyes
Overwhelmed by events
And the seagull's cries.
Surrounded by theatres
So much going on
A church, some cafes
I would die for a scone!

- Pauline


Sitting so regal and tall
I watch my subjects pass me by
Are they listening to me?
Are they watching me?
How I act, what I say?

I was a Queen for 63 years
I also was a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend
Where are all those people now?
I remember, they are up in heaven with me.

- Gail


Blustery today,
Sea spray all over me,
I am cold and wet.

At least the sea spray washes away the smoke
from the cars that roar past me.
I have a grand view, 360 degrees, although only
half of me can see at a time.

The sea is blue and choppy and I can see some
small boats bobbing up and down on the water.
Hills surround me at a distance, green with trees
and houses dotted on them.

Sometimes I feel cracked and blue, rough to touch.
Why am I here?

Do children look at me and vow to brush their teeth?
So they don't have teeth like mine - big, full of holes
and rough on their tongues!

I hope they take notice
It's too late for me.
I am here for eternity.

- Gail


They think they know me
standing here.

But do they really?
As they whiz by in their cars?

I've seen people walk by
and stop to look.

Those on horses and in cars
rarely do.

Why did they put me here?
I'm not even facing the Gardens
named after me.

I'm facing the toilets!
What an unsavoury position for a Queen!!

- Christine


Her majesty
uses the royal 'we'.
I am a statue
Attracting bird poo.
Ruler of the world
In a grassy field.

Who said there was a glass ceiling?
It is to a woman you're kneeling.
The sun never sets
on my empire.
Only by death will I retire.
By statue, immortalised
Forever, in stone attire.

- Phillip Porteous


Ivory bone
For all to see
By harbour and sea
Naturally decaying
Watching kids playing
Picnicers and birds
Avian turds
Green grass and cars
Teeth from Mars?
Now on Earth
Giving people mirth
The plaque
Leaves its mark.

- Phillip Porteous

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