Monday, 2 December 2019

Stories in Verse

After one of our group attended a play written in verse, we decided to give writing a story in verse a try - with rhymes optional extras depending on the person. We generally used a story that we already knew well. Despite that it was challenging to say the least. Still some great writing was done!


You live inside a world of the mind
In a fantasy world in which truth is pined

I wish that in your haunted wood
Everything would turn out good

Although I know that in summer there is no snow
Yet still I feel cold and slow

Your world is orbiting round and round
Although I stay here on the ground

Alas what will we ever do
To make this story rich and new

Your mind is a book
Within which we look

I will read your fancies free
And I will always wait to be

The object of your mind
To be truthful and kind.

- M.F.


You are going away
and I wish you would stay

Although there were no if's and buts
Into your brain they'll be making cuts

I do not know what to say
To keep the men of science away

I know that soon
All will be quiet in the room

In which you walk
We dare not talk

Standing there in the rain
Carrying just half a brain

Yes, a zombie made by men
Your true self immortalised by your pen

A writer yes, a writer good
You never did what you should

Through your brain they dragged a knife
And made you a zombie for the rest of your life.

- M.F.

(the above two poems are inspired by Janet Frame's 'Owls Do Cry')


They left Palmerston North Railway on train number 626
All were excited, as the day was on the eve of Christmas

They packed the carriages all full and loaded baggage too
And the logo it did strongly pull, train 626 on through

When Ruapehu came in sight, its beauty was admired
But all aboard then took full fright, as 10:21 expired

The rail bridge, as the lahar crashed, was broken and washed down
And the loco downwards fell and smashed and carriages, six, did drown

So many died that Christmas Eve, one-sixtyone we hear
And Christmas 1953 was spent in grief and despair.

The mountain warning is now in place to protect the downstream travelers
But we remember Tangiwai as each Christmas Day approaches.

- Kate Jenkins

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