Monday, 7 January 2019

Random Word Poems

Our first session for 2019 involved some random words turned into poems. We each chose a book from our library, opened it at random and selected a word. We then passed the books along and selected another word until we had five words. The task was to use all the words in a poem. This process was suggested by an Artsenta writer who doesn't attend our writing group and resulted in some quite fun and inspiring works!


It was a sunny day
Outside in the garden
Walking along a rocky path
To a pool where the water is bright
Seeing an old lady looking exhausted
Heading towards you
You stop her in her tracks
And give her some water
She thanks you for being kind
And you carry on down the rocky path
To enjoy the bright and sunny day

- Julia Godfrey


Beautiful floating
                   while sleeping
                   on a bed.

The anaesthetic
                  for the surgeon.

- Phillip Porteous


The puffin rides on the carpet
of my childhood dreams.

It soars above Europe
and sings its little heart out.

The carpet is very colourful.
How do I know?

Well it's my dream, my puffin
and my carpet.

The example I have in my mind
is the freedom of dreams.

- Gail Palmer


There was a huge risk
coming this way,
against the arrows,
travelling the opposite way
to everyone else.

But she had never followed rules,
never done things in the correct order.
Hell, she even put her shoes on
before her pants!

- Christine Philp

Today we feature one of our regular writers who has diligently written up the poems she has developed at the Artsenta Writer's Group ove...