Monday, 4 December 2017

Signs of the times

This week we went for a short walk down Princes Street with our notebooks, noting down words from various signs in shops, on passing trucks, on buildings and windows. It didn't take long to fill up a page, then the tricky part - putting them together into a piece of poetry. Not easy but good fun.


let nothing perish
collect up the moas of designs
that have long celebrated their birthday parties
in the trash sak of history
the warehouse of the antiquated and outdated
is open for viewing
sit and drink your daily coffee
and eat your homemade pies
while the dealers and restorers do their work
patching with needle n thread
the retro clothing store thrives
and the pawnbrokers are alert for a bargain
there are 2nd hand books in custom uniform editions
and a bus stop right outside the studio and gallery
the choice is unlimited and the quality
is guaranteed
anything else is a compromise

- Helen Ledger


You'd be lucky to get a Persian cupid
They're in limited supply
You might get a free consultation
at the Zen attic
If you can pull together some
better moves
Every day is a new adventure
Behold, a new style!
A retro sensation!
Be open, be free
Beware - a wolf in sheep's clothing!
Swigging alcohol in a banned area
As dead souls drink purple rain
Believe me, the visual effects
are electric!
Blue oysters thrive behind the counter
Be bold, it's a sign of things to come
Dial up now for a viewing
Or clear-off before we perish
inside the great sensation
of an invented life.

- Paul Smith

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