Sunday, 5 April 2020

Limericks, bubbles and more

Creative writing sessions are now happening virtually, partly via Facebook and partly through email. The first session we decided to just have a bit of fun with limericks with the added challenge of using the word 'bubble' (we're all in one apparently!).

I sit here in my little bubble
Trying not to get into trouble
My list of chores, all not done
They are not my idea of fun
Sadly, in time, they will double

In my bubble I sit here alone
But I really shouldn't moan
I have a roof and lots of walls
And I can still make some calls
On my trusty telephone

- Christine Philp

There once was a women who wanted a cuddle
Everyday she got the days muddled
Now and then she looked at the diary
She figured out what the days were finally
Because she's having to stay in a bubble

- Julia Godfrey

We have a PM who we note
Speaks beautiful jewels from her throat
Her hair it is lovely
It’s well done up daily
Her stylist ‘essential’ or ‘nope’?

Our health Minister we shall call Davey
Keeps the wheels a-turning, well maybe
He got in some trouble
Rode out of his bubble
Now voters are thinking ‘So, should we?’

- Kate Jenkins

These limericks are from an earlier session at Artsenta we hadn't posted yet!

A Dalmore doctor named Mike
bought himself an e-lec-tric bike
he quickly fell off it
so there was no profit
as his GP's charges were hiked

a Golden Guitarist from Gore
found her fingers had gotten quite sore
she wrapped on a dressing
which caught in the 4th string
'til her fingers were bloodied and raw

A haughtily faced Royal aunt
sought to ride only well at the Hunt
she followed a fox
had left her whip in the Box
and came last, with a frown and a grunt

-Kate Jenkins

There was a young man from Fern Hill
Who got an unexpectedly large bill
He sobbed and he cried
Till neighbours thought someone had died
And rushed to comfort that man from Fern Hill.

There was a small town called Gore
Where more was less, and less was more
Where teeth could be few
And extra fingers they grew
Till it became part of folklore.

There once was a Queen called Liz
Who had her nose in everyone's biz
Her kids couldn't marry
Any Tom, Dick or Harry
Until they'd passed the royalty quiz.

- Christine

A one-eyed prospector from Warri
Fell drastically hard in the quarry
Unbeknown to him strangely
He was rescued by "Mangely" (guess who? ;-)
So his fate LEAD him out of his folly.

A formidable woman from Gore
Had a history of being a whore
She ended up drunk and stunk like a skunk
But then gained a diploma in law.

A serious student from Gore
Owned a dog with an over-sized paw
He used it to bat ball
With the children 'o St Paul
And they all won an award in the Fall.

Poor 'ol Harry didn't know who to marry
He experienced a terrible quandry
Was it Mum and the Crown
Or the life of high renown
Through his illustrious wife and her tally?


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