Monday, 11 February 2019

Writing Prompts

In today's session we used writing prompts inspired by recent events - the introduction of Lime scooters to Dunedin and the publishing of a compilation of poetry by Artsenta artists. Called 'A Scattering of Words', the book includes 15 writers, many from our creative writing group which has been running now for almost two years! The prompts were:
  1. Lime rhyme
  2. I write therefore I am
  3. As a published writer...


They say it's time
To bring in the Lime
I say 'No way'
Are they here to stay!

What's wrong with legs?
Are they just pegs?
Footpaths should be just that
For humans, dogs and the cat

I say, bring in Lime paths
All separate-like
Then the Lime will skim by
Just like a bike

No bumps and no bruises
To suffer for those
Who just want to live
And use God-given toes!

- Pauline


wind in your hair
no helmet, where
smoothly gliding
black wheels riding
breathless without exercise
light glinting in your eyes
heart pounding
horns sounding
your single light beams
from these green machines

oh the places you can go
balance the only skill to know
extraordinary sights
not our ordinary days & nights
speed with freedom long unfound
no helmet, no pads, pavement sound
on the road, on the path
up the hill, down as well
take your time, enjoy the heat

grooving to the green lime beat

- Karen


It's Lime time
Unlock your inner child
Let our a whoop
Go wild!

It's Lime time
Don't worry it's all on tick
Forget about the corporates
'Get a life' you old stick

It's Lime time
I'm free as a bird
Off to the beach
'Look out' there's a dog turd

It's Lime time
Head over heals I go
Over a bonnet
And hitting the road

It's Lime time
A lime and water sip
From my hospital bed
Slow and steady on a drip

It's Lime time
Doctor's on the way
Comes liming up the corridor
Limes are here to stay.

- Paul


There was a young girl from Dunedin
Who thought she had found a new Eden
Lime scooters are in
So she took one for a spin
And now is in ED a'bleedin'.

- Christine Philp


Gleaming shine reflected from the sun-strike
The wheels turning leaving trails
Lit up as the first kid standing upright
Lime scooter rider memories of a fast time
Dressed quite impeccably
As a hipster expectedly living lavishly 
Leaving lime rhyme rhythms this half of the century

Birds lay crawling from the humble men

Lads that ride lime scooters the world for you
That’s now just leaving is beginning just for them

- Dylan Anderson


I write to express my inner self
As the neurons fire to make words
So does my pen move and transfer words
To symbols on paper

Sometimes I write to get across my thoughts
Sometimes I write to disguise them
To make myself perfect
And perfectly understood

All the bigotry and hatred I feel
Is politely pushed aside
While my humanitarian voice
Is made louder

I wish to take the perfect version of myself
Float onto the characters on paper
And save myself
From drowning

- M.F.


HERE is a gap in existence
a time / place / settledness to…

NOW can take whatever word
and sling it together with vision
    or sound, to establish IT
to paint with pen, to record

and trust whatever IT becomes

- Karen


they ask for more from me
what do I have left?
what can I see with older eyes
       low energy
that is worth the words,
       the word
that first one,
               lost one
                   in the middle
                                   to start

- Karen


Words that leave a spine
Dripping through a sieve
Because I am
Making things that live
Ignoring facts yet rational
Laying out the supernatural
Right now as I live
To consider it
Another wrapped up gift
Because in doing that
I can chart the life I live.

- Dylan Anderson


In the mirror
I see words
Representing me
And sentiments unheard

Seeing words inside the mirror
Words that I see
That when I leave
I shiver

Looking back at you because
A word
Is a


- Dylan Anderson

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