Monday, 18 November 2019

Vertical Word Play

Today Christine led our writing group, choosing to revisit a session on acrostic poems. These use words written vertically down a page with the poem flowing from, or dictated by, each letter. We started out with the most obvious word, Artsenta, and then moved on to random words chosen from a box. Ideally the poem would explore or reflect the word that we chose in some way. As always it is interesting to see the way different people tackle it. There's no one right way to do this (or anything?).

Artistic awareness
Reels you in
Tremoring with colour
Never dull
Triumphantly shouting

Arriving at an art space
Ready to make and create
Thinking about transforming matter
Sort of like a mad scientist or magician
Except it's about beauty and it's
Not always easy
There's practice and patience
And lot's of artistic license!

Artistic creativity will become the
Recognition of your activity, it is
There but disguised before your eye of detail
Sensing pride within your
Emotional sensations to your own pathway of exploring your
Neutral self-esteem of expressions, your
Thoughts can show significant exposure within your own
Artistic world

Artistically created
Rough edges
Tenderly smoothed
Empty of ideas
Nothing coming


Monday, 4 November 2019

Pet Loves

Almost everyone has had a pet, had one in the family, or encountered one in their wider whanau circle. They often generate strong emotions, to the point where tears almost smudge the writing (for one of our writers at least!). But joy is ever present when it comes to pets which was the topic of our writing today.


From the corner of my eye I see ...
movement, on the floor
grey shadow
tapering 10 inch length
wool fibre curling, waving
lint and dusty debris walking
swiveling, swirling

1 right foot swivels forward
toes extended, grip the carpet
body flexing
2 left foot swivels forward
toes extended, grip the carpet
and somewhere under fibre and dust
3 left foot follows 1 right and
4 right foot follows jerkily with 2 left
wide mouth opens with two fat lips
tiny teeth
dinosaur-like tail follows S-bending
Migrating from your pool
should not be over carpet!
I put you back in the tank Axolotl.

- Kate Jenkins


my eleventh birthday
I tell my parents that if they really loved me
they would get me a  dog

walking towards a paper carton
my heart thumping in my chest

suddenly the black object in the box yelps
I turn and run
the next few months are terror

you chase me and my sister along the carpet
while we stand screaming
on the couch

then you got bigger
and you jumped up beside me
and so we became friends

I remember your quirks
20 x bigger than our guinea pigs
and you still reacted with terror

I still remember the day the cat
swiped your nose
and won the fight

dragging me through the streets
I spent hours with you whilst you
pulled me uphill and down dale

the night you protected me in north east valley
saving me from a person
who might not have had the best intentions

of all my pets
rats, mice, guinea pigs, cats and dogs

you were my protector and friend
always love you
missing you heaps

- M.F.


He’s a ginger furry cat
I met him when I visited my Aunty
He is fun to be around
He is named Mr Riggins
He loves to follow everyone around
He never likes being left alone
He likes to take naps on a fluffy pillow
He meows a lot meaning he loves his food
When you’re around Mr. Riggins
It's like you’ve gone to another world of happiness and fun
Even if you leave for a few minutes then come back
Mr Riggins comes crawling back to you
Meowing madly
Mr Riggins is a very cute cat
Every time I am with him
He makes me wish that I had
A cute kitty cat just like
Mr Riggins

- Julia Godfrey


I don't own you!

Terror drove you to my door
Or rather, to the loft above
A safe place
A haven
From the neighbour's dog

Time and time again
You sought refuge.

One day
Miaowing plaintively
You let me know!
How thin you were!
Too afraid to eat from your usual place

Caught between two worlds
Danger and safety

Now I feed you
And love has grown

You found me.

 - Pauline


Cocker Spaniel
Brown and black
Floppy ears
- a target for Ted!
Slowly plodding
Up the hill
Not fast
Not slow
Just constant
And constantly beguiling
Philosophical even
She was loved.

Pretending somnolence
When night-time
Call-to-kennel came

Huge paws
Sliding forwards
In resistance


- Pauline

Today we feature one of our regular writers who has diligently written up the poems she has developed at the Artsenta Writer's Group ove...